we supply print ready artwork fast!

As freelancers we work for ourselves.
We usually don’t have big offices and fleets of cars to pay for.
These overhead savings can then be passed on to the client.

Yes we do and yes we don’t.
When an agency lands a large job, they sometimes call in us freelancers if the contract doesn’t warrant employing someone full-time.

We always deliver high quality designs and all our work is print ready.

Each time an amend is requested, it takes us a minimum of 15 minutes to action it. We limit the amends to 3 sets of changes per artwork design.
Obviously with larger projects amends are increased accordingly.

Email servers usually limit files up to 20mb. We recommend sending pictures and copy using secure upload websites like We Transfer or Dropbox.

We like to keep it straight forward here, so we request that all new clients artwork is paid for before the work commences. As we get to know each other payment terms can be re-negotiated.
Payments are always a nuisance as we know, but when was the last time your local supermarket let you pay for your weekly shopping 2 months later!

As veteran print brokers, we can negotiate some of the best print prices around for you. Remember though cheap print is not always the best print!!

We are Freelancers